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Fishing in Kalbarri

Fishing in Kalbarri

05 February 2020

Thanks to the huge variety of fish species on offer and the differing fishing conditions which cater for different skill levels (from little anglers to extreme ocean fishing), fishing is a big attraction in Kalbarri so we thought it might be helpful to provide a fishing guide.  

River Fishing – Murchison River

What are you likely to catch here? Species such as Whiting, Small Tailor, Soapy Mulloway, Mangrove Jack, Black Bream and Yellowfin Bream. They can all be found in the Murchison River with fishing available from the jetties, Chinaman’s Rock, or further upstream which can be rewarding for the kids if they are just starting out on their fishing adventures. 

For Blue Manna Crabs and Mud Crabs, head to the Kalbarri Sports and Dive Shop for more information as to the best spots.

Beach Fishing

For Monster Tailor, Mulloway and Shark, you are best to visit the Wittecarra Creek and Red Bluff Beach. You’ll also find Gardies at the rocks at Red Bluff Beach, especially during the winter months.

Cliff fishing is also an option for land based fishing however the cliff conditions can be dangerous and are best left to those who know the area well.  For further information, please visit the Kalbarri Sports and Dive Shop.  

Ocean Fishing

If you love your seafood and plan to haul a huge catch home to the family, this is probably your best choice with so many different fish species available in these waters. Some of the delights you might catch are Dhufish, Red Emperor, Snapper, Shark, Bluebone, Coral Trout, Tuna and Spanish Mackarel. 

Click here to download the Department of Transport’s boating guide as navigating the Kalbarri Rivermouth can be dangerous. We have also detailed below their suggestions when boating in Kalbarri. 

If you don't own a boat, there are several boat charters available in Kalbarri and we highly recommend this option if you want to experience the catch of a lifetime guided by a professional team who know the local waters like the back of their hand. We suggest talking to the team at the Kalbarri Visitors Centre to run through the different fishing charters available. 

No Fishing Areas

There are two in Kalbarri and they are Chinaman’s Beach, which is our beautiful swimming beach, and Blue Holes which is a FHPA (Fish Habitat Protection Area).

Other useful information

Before your embark on your fishing adventure you might like to buy the Kalbarri Fishing Guide from the Kalbarri Visitors Centre. For just $5 it is a good investment.

For any local enquiries and further information as to what is biting and where, please visit the Kalbarri Sports and Dive Shop. You can also visit the Kalbarri Visitors Centre for any fishing related enquiries and local maps. Both their contact details are below.

There is a Demersal FinFish ban which runs from 15th October through to 15th December every year. These are necessary to protect the fish species that are vulnerable during times of reproduction when they aggregate (group together). The ban is in place in the West Coast Bioregion which extends from the Zuytdorp Cliffs down to the Black Point on the South Coast. For more information please click here.

Bag and Size Limits for finfish are in place to ensure our precious fish stocks remain sustainable. For more information please click here.

Kalbarri Sports and Dive Shop
Located in the centre of town at Shop 3, Kalbarri Arcade, Porter Street, Kalbarri. Their opening hours are 8.30am to 5.00pm Monday to Saturday (closed Sunday). Phone number: (08) 9337 1126.
They have everything you need for fishing and diving including an extensive selection of bait, tackles and lures.
Tide Times can be found on their front window for your convenience.

Kalbarri Visitors Centre
Located in the centre of town at 70 Grey Street, Kalbarri. Their opening hours are Monday to Saturday 9.00am to 5.00pm, Sunday and Limited Public holidays 9.00am to 1.00pm. They are closed every Sunday during the month of February.
Phone number: (08) 9937 1104

Department of Transport - Kalbarri Boating Guide

Please see below some information from the Department of Transport regarding boating in Kalbarri.  For more detailed information, including maps and safety equipment checklists, please click on the link above. 

Local knowledge
Navigation of the sand bar at the Kalbarri river mouth can be dangerous and skippers are advised to consider the safety tips included on the chart in this guide.The Mid West is known for the strong southerly winds that prevail during the summer months. Skippers are advised to check the weather reports before heading out on the water. Winds can blow up quite suddenly and reach speeds of 30 knots, making the return journey hazardous to small vessels.

Aids to navigation
It is illegal to interfere with, remove or damage any beacon, buoy or other artificial aid to navigation.
Without permission in writing from DoT, it is illegal to secure any vessel to any beacon, buoy, seamark or other aid to navigation.

Obstruction of navigation aids, channels and leads
Drop nets, fishing nets, marker buoys or other buoyed objects can not be placed or allowed to remain in any channel or fairway in any port or harbour, or in any channel, fairway or passage in any navigable waters except by permission of DoT. You also can’t anchor or moor a vessel in any channel or fairway, unless the vessel is in distress.

Reduce wash
Damage to vessels and floating pen jetties can be caused by a vessel’s wash. Look behind you occasionally to make sure that your boat is not creating too much wash. If your wash is affecting other boats and property, slow down!

Vessels less than 3.75 metres
A person in charge of a vessel less than 3.75 metres in length is not allowed to travel greater than five nautical miles from the mainland shore. However, you can operate the vessel within one nautical mile of an island located more than five nautical miles from the mainland shore.

Volunteer Marine Rescue Services
Kalbarri Sea Search and Rescue Group (VMR 688) operates out of Kalbarri.
Please remember to log on to the group before heading out to sea and supply them with:

  • the vessel’s name, registration number or call sign;
  • the departure point and time;
  • the destination;
  • the trip intentions;
  • the number of people on board;
  • the amount of fuel carried; and
  • the estimated time of return.

This basic information can make the difference in a response to an emergency situation.
It is also important to remember to log off with the sea rescue group to avoid a search being initiated.

To get a brochure and sticker about the rules call 1300 863 308 or visit

Kalbarri Weather
Mostly sunny.