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KALBARRI - the jewel in Australia's Coral Coast

Things to do in and around Kalbarri

We have put together some suggested day trips for your enjoyment - please see below:

Day Trip One - The Murchison Gorges

  • Go to Meanarra Hill looking out over Kalbarri and the mouth of the Murchison River.
  • Go to Natures Window and the Z-Bend in the Kalbarri National Park.
  • Go to Ross Graham Lookout and Hawkshead Lookout overlooking the gorges.
  • Go to Waribanno Chimney - the old 1850s lead smelter site at Ajana.
  • Go to the old Galena bridge over the Murchison River There is a picnic and camping site.
  • Return via Ajana Road.

Day Trip Two - Coastal Cliffs & Sights

  • Chinamans Beach lookout.
  • Blue Holes Beach.
  • Jakes Famous surfing spot
  • Wittekarra Creek monument to the Batavia.
  • Red Bluff Lookout.
  • Mushroom Rock and Rainbow Valley.
  • Pot Alley, Eagle Gorge, Island Rock and Natural Bridge.

Day Trip Three - Local Places of Interest

  • Take Grey Street coastal road to the Pink Lakes.
  • Go to Port Gregory fishing village.
  • Go to Horrocks fishing village, cafe, 9-hole golf course.
  • Visit Northampton's old buildings and Chiverton Museum.
  • Visit the famous Hutt River province and see Prince Leonard and Princess Shirley.

Day Trip Four - Some Action

  • Take a ride on a Quad bike either along the beaches with Wagoe Quad bike hire or through the National Park with Kalbarri Quad Bike safaris.
  • Have a morning or afternoon horse-ride along the Murchison River from the Big River Ranch.
  • Have a tour of an active sheep and cattle ranch at Murchison House Station.
  • Have a gentle canoe session through the spectacular gorges.
  • Hire a boat from Kalbarri Boat hire and cruise along the river for a while.

Day Trip Five - A Bit More Action and Excitement

  • Take a scenic flight along the coastal cliffs and to the Abrolhos islands.
  • Book yourselves on a fishing trip or a dolphin and whale watching trip with Reefwalker.
  • Have a fabulous fun jump and land on the beach with Kalbarri sky-diving.

Brochures and information for all these trips are available in our foyer or at the Kalbarri Visitor Centre.

Little more than a six-hour drive north of Perth, Kalbarri is warm and sunny most of the year, presenting a picture postcard scene that emphasises its status as one of Australia's favourite holiday destinations.

Situated at the mouth of the Murchison River, Kalbarri is the perfect base from which to discover the myriad attractions of Australia's Coral Coast.

The Murchison river is the heartbeat of Kalbarri. It is broad, calm, yet alive and vital - and spectacular.

With a catchment area bigger than some Australian states, there is a majesty and mystery about the Murchison, whatever the season.

The Murchison River at Kalbarri is a water playground, you can swim and kayak, or hire paddleboats, canoes, dinghies and windsurfers on the river foreshore, venture out into the Indian Ocean join a fishing charter for the catch of a lifetime, to watch whales and their calves migrate along the coast and dolphins frolic in the bay, or throw in a line from the beach. At 8.45 am every morning there is the popular public pelican feeding on the foreshore opposite the Kalbarri Visitor Centre.

In Kalbarri National Park, 800 species of wildflowers burst into bloom from July to October in a riot of colour, while Kalbarri's spectacular river gorges are world renowned. There is a wide choice of walk trails. Red Bluff, Mushroom Rock, Rainbow Valley, Eagle Gorge, Island Rock Natural Bridge and the Shellhouse and Grandstand are all coastal cliffs to the south of Kalbarri. They each offer excellent scenery and features that are well sign-posted from the road.

Take a ride through "Kalbarri Country" with Big River Ranch Horseriding. Cross the Murchison on horseback and enjoy the magnificent bird life up close.

Big River Ranch

Murchison House Station is one of the oldest and largest pastoral stations in Western Australia, just 13 kms from the Kalbarri town centre. The Station includes 60 km of rugged Indian Ocean coastline and 30 km of Murchison River floodplains. Bring your own 4WD on the Tumblagouda Tag-a-long guided day tour, and explore this extraordinary piece of West Australian outback.

If you are here to fish, river fishing along the Murchison will always produce good catch. Along the town beaches the whiting, bream, small tailor and alike are plentiful. For a fun day out ocean fishing and and diving, Murchison Boat Hire has 1,4,6 and 5 metre boats for hire. With their fishing tips and local maps, your fishing or diving expedition is off to a great start.

Try fishing for snapper, groper, dhufish, Spanish mackerel and tuna with Kalbarri Reefwalker Tours. Rob and Ilse will give you the tips to reel in a monster and take home a fishing story worth telling.

Quad Bike Safaris offer an adventurous, guided way to enjoy some of the most beautiful scenery the lower reaches of the Murchison River has to offer. The Quad bikes top 35 km an hour, and are serious fun for anyone 18 years plus, with a drivers licence.

Rainbow Jungle is said to be Australia's most beautiful parrot habitat, with the largest free flight parrot aviary. With around 350 birds, including 50 species of Australian parrots and cockatoos, Rainbow Jungle is well worth a visit.

For a good fun time, your family will enjoy Kalbarri Family Entertainment Centre with trampolines, mini-golf, kids' bungy and many other activities for kids.

For the energetic, there's Kalbarri abseiling, hiking, tennis, golf, surfing and wind and kite surfing. There are leisure and adventure tours – choose from motorcycle tours, day trips to the gorges, canoe safaris, whale watching and boat cruises. Kalbarri Scenic Flights do a sightseeing flight over the national park, coastline and Abrolhos Islands and it is the ultimate way to soak up the incredible Coral Coast scenery.

For a good fun day trip there are several places to visit in the local area. Port Gregory and the famous Pink Lakes where Beta Carotene is produced in the salt water lagoons are only half an hours drive along the coast road. Then just a few minutes away is the historic heritage-listed Lynton Convict Settlement where, apart from the historic penal colony ruins, you can take a short walk up to the cyclist on the hill and enjoy magnificent views. Your day trip should include a visit to the Independent Sovereign State of the Hutt River Province. Prince Leonard or Princess Shirley will show you around themselves.

For the more adventurous take the Ajana road (Clotworthy Street) at the entrance to our Kalbarri Beach Resort  and head east to the Warribano Lead Smelter Chimney where you can learn all about the extensive mining history of the area in the early and mid-1800's.

Our local Shire of Northampton includes the historic town of Northampton. There is the Chiverton House museum and various day trips are available to see other historic sites. Northampton also has annual events such as the Purple Bra day in June, the annual Northampton Show in September and the famous Airing of The Quilts in October each year.

Brochures and information for all our daily recommended trips are available in our foyer or at the Kalbarri Visitor Centre.


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